About KATS

  •        We make acrylic LED Signs
  •        You can use any text or any script
  •        All of our signs have 16 Preset Colors & a wireless remote to control them
  •        Browse our products to see samples of some of the signs we offer
  •       Use your imagination - we will put your idea in lights
  •       Our signs are all custom carved in the USA

          Like us on FACEBOOK  www.facebook.com/katscustomledsigns
KATS strives to make each sign exactly how each customer wants it.   For that
reason if you would like to order please call us, email your design idea to
karen@katsled.com, contact us on facebook or fill out the form on the contact
us page of this site.   We will get back to you as quickly as possible with a
proof and pricing.    Thank you for considering KATS.